Freedom from Fear of Economic Insecurity

17 September

There is One Infinite Consciousness of God. It is gloriously abundant—available at all times, everywhere in the Universe—and It is available right here, right now, in my life. I am one with this Higher Power, and I accept Its infinite supply in my life now, knowing I always have all I need and more.

There is no idea of lack or limitation in my mind because I am one with the Consciousness of God, and God never lacks. There is always more than enough of everything: abundant income flowing into my life, plus a wealth of ideas, generosity, and love. I know Infinite Supply is always ready to fulfil my needs and desires.

I let go of any fear of economic insecurity and to any ideas of limitation and accept my economic freedom right now. I have the freedom to do that which I choose, when I desire to do it, in service of all I know. I am part of God’s perfect expression; therefore, my life is bountiful and prosperous.

I am eternally grateful for the Steps and I give thanks for the freedom of knowing and trusting in God’s infinite bounty. I gratefully release my prayer to the Law of Consciousness, with perfect faith that it is already done.

And, so it is.

~ by Jamie M on September 17, 2013.

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