I Am Free; This Is the Reality of My Being

5 January

The Loving, Intelligent Wisdom of God is all there is. Its Nature is the Life and Consciousness that is One, expressing through me right now. I claim this Spirit as my experience today, knowing I am the spiritual magnificence of this Great Power in human form.

I am at peace with myself and all life around me because “We” can do what I was powerless to do. Higher order and perfection are the Reality of being. Claiming the Consciousness that is my highest birthright, my mind and body align with the Peace of God.

Throughout my day, I am reminded to connect with the Reality of my being. Every thought and activity now expresses the radiance of God’s Love. I meet everything in which I choose to participate with gratitude, knowing I have everything I need for its resolution.

Free of my addiction today, I am free; in the Reality of my being and I express love in my interactions with others and see the God-Self in everyone. Relaxed, I listen to Spirit within and flow with the rhythm of life as an expression of gratitude and grace.

And, so it is.

~ by Jamie M on January 5, 2013.

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