I Awaken To My Spiritual Magnificence

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31 December

There is One Higher Power and Presence in the Universe that is eternal and perfect. It is God, and It is the Cause of my being and the Love with which I love. I am always using the Creative Power of Spirit. Everything I now think, say, and believe about life empowers me and creates my bliss.

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of the Steps, I now apply the Power of Infinite Consciousness in this moment to create greater good for all concerned. I am open and receptive to Spirit as It flows through me with ease. It acts upon my beliefs and demonstrates them as form in my life.

I exercise my connection with Higher Consciousness with love and in good conscience, for I know my good is shared with and blesses the world. Through my personal housecleaning, any patterns of delay, resistance, or reluctance are released from my belief system. My continued practice of the Steps relieves any new found patterns swiftly and smoothly.

My prayer of intentions, convictions, and expectations, is released to Consciousness for completion. I know my good is instantly available to me as I accept it, and I do so right now. In this new state of enlightenment; I have awakened to my spiritual magnificence.

And, so it is.

I Give Myself to Life with Enthusiasm

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30 December

All around me, in and through me, there is God. It is the Creative Intelligence behind all creation, the Higher Idea behind all my thoughts and actions, I trust this Higher Consciousness to create with me a passionate and purposeful life that demonstrates Itself as Power and Focus.

Right here and right now, I claim my goodness. Every new choice I now make in every step I take leads me to my heart’s desire. Today I give myself to life with enthusiasm and direction. As I am within Higher Power I know the life I desire, and I go for it with conviction.

I see myself in new surroundings, with new friendships, sharing my kindness and knowledge with others. Spirit has it return to me, enriching beyond my wildest dream of all possibility. There is no hesitation or fear, I am on purpose and ready to step into newness and adventure.

Step Twelve is the signpost that reminds me to continue, improve, and practice my programme. My being sparkles with anticipation of the great adventure of life. My heart is filled with gratitude as I accept this as the Reality of my being. My word of prayer is turned over to the Law of Consciousness with great love and joy. I let go, and I let God.

And, so it is.

Love and Service

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29 December

God is the One Source, One Higher Power, and One All-Inclusive Consciousness. I live, move, and have my being in the Consciousness of Spirit. As an expression of Spirit, I recognise the power in this One Consciousness. I was created out of this Loving Spirit in order to express Love to the world.

In a life of love and service I give of God’s Love to all I meet. Love blesses them and is a blessing to me. My life is the Life of God, and I recreate myself moment by moment to be in service with a Higher Idea of myself. Being of service to others is a generous gift to me, yet, is rewarding to all concerned.

My life today boils down to love and service. Through a greater understanding of anonymity, I do not seek thanks or acknowledgement, though my heart is touched by others’ expressions of gratitude. Today I truly understand that kindness is its own reward.

As I feel gratitude in my heart for each opportunity to give, the warmth and joy of love is magnificent. I feel superb, and I give thanks to Spirit within for this great life. Releasing my prayer, I know it to be completed.

And, so it is.

Practicing the Principles in All of My Affairs

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28 December

Today, I bless and honor a Higher Spirit within us all, this Higher Power is the Consciousness, found at the center of my being. I see the Presence of Spirit in everything and everyone around me. I am one with all there is, and I feel the joy of living—of my life in physical form—as Spirit in expression.

In Step Twelve I see God everywhere, for no thing and no one can be outside this Higher Presence. I remember that I have a new employer and awaken to Spirit’s direction and attend to the inner advocate that bring me into a new venture. I am led by Spirit in service to my fellows, even as I step forth into the unknown.

Coming only from Love, I know with certainty that others come forward to assist me. The resources to realise this new enterprise are always at hand. I am within the answer; should any questions come up I rely on my intuition. I awaken with joy and delight in the expression of who I am. My entire life is about practicing these principles in all of my affairs.

As I shine the light of these principles on each and every situation I find beauty everywhere. I go forth with deep gratitude and accept the gifts of my prayer with joy. Today I act and know that with God, all things are possible.

And, so it is.

I Have a New Employer

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27 December

I am one with Universal Consciousness, open to the Higher Life within me, as me. The awareness of this Life is my wisdom, and this wisdom brings me new, beautiful ideas that inspire me to greater fulfillment and progress. I live today as my True-Self. I accept the loving supply that is mine, right now.

I know I am this supply, and there is no delay in the immediate manifestation of the experience of a flourishing life. I am awakened to the fact that Spirit in me, as me, is me. Recognising the will of God, I now consciously direct my unfoldment. As I do, I understand and I speak that which is for the highest good of all I know in my world, to and for all as we are all connected.

All abundance, wisdom, and supply are right here where I am. A copious demonstration of good fills my life because it is eternally provided by Consciousness. Having a new Employer, all my needs are met on time, and I give and receive all I have in perfect time.

I am an expression of love and peace right here and now. All that the Consciousness of Life is in general, I am in particular; therefore, I shall not want. I thankfully know that I am experiencing abundance now, right here where I am. Knowing this is the way it is, it is done.

And, so it is.

The Principle of Service

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26 December

I recognise the gift of Infinite Love in me, as me. I spiral ever upward today, knowing I am one with a love so wonder—and beauty—filled that it gives the freedom to accept or ignore it. I choose to accept with pleasure; therefore, my way is filled with blissful wonder.

I am a blessing to myself and a blessing to all persons I contact this day. I move from love, through love, to love, and greater good opens before me. I know I am guided in choosing those experiences that are most beneficial to me and all concerned in my world.

I am Glorious Love in action as I accept and meet the challenge of new opportunities of service. As Spirit’s gift of life, I am of service to myself, my home, my work, my community, and my world. I live the Principle of Service with love, knowing that life is a Perfect Circuit.

I accept the Law of Attraction knowing what goes around comes around. I value the freedom I have to be myself today, furthering my affirmative growth and letting greater good be my way of life. In my life of service, I thankfully know this is the way it is, and I let it be.

And, so it is.

Keep It Simple

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25 December

The Presence of God surrounds me and supports me every moment of every day. I am part of this Higher Power, charged with Higher Spirit. I now consciously let the Higher Presence work in, through, and as me. Today I acknowledge the birth of Spirit within and I feel the blessing of life in this present moment.

Born of Spirit I keep it simple in my life; I know only the perfect reflection of my conceived and believed thoughts. At times, events may seem challenging or stressful, but every experience adds to the perfection of me. My ego is the sum total of all my beliefs, yet I am that I really am, is much more.

My life is a journey, and I declare that the decisions and choices I make consciously today are the best ones for me in the moment. Through my daily process, I let go of any past worries or doubts; I say goodbye to limiting thoughts, and I trudge on in recognition of the perfection that is me right here, right now.

In practicing these principles in all of my affairs, life has become simple, with an open mind and heart; I receive with great thanks all the goodness life has to offer. I surrender to the Power of the Universe, the ever-present Law of Cause and Effect, knowing conscious connection with God makes all the difference.

And, so it is.


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